Gold transfer

Easy, secure, online

Transfer gold easily, securely and online! We provide the right platform for this.

MTS Money Transfer System offers its licensees the possibility to perform transfers via a secure, online platform.

Transaction process for private licensees:

  • If you are interested in signing up as a contracting party:
  • Enter your personal information (details concerning your person + financial background).
  • Identification takes place via a video call by an employee.
  • You are now a licensee and receive access to MTS Money Transfer System via a mailed ID.
  • You receive a safe deposit box = vault.
  • You receive a wallet compartment serving for daily use. The limit is defined via the safe deposit box.
  • You can perform transactions with other licensees as well as non-licensees.
  • In case of a transaction with a non-licensee, this entity receives an e-mail requesting identification.
  • Incoming transactions always arrive at the safe deposit box.

Additional online shop:

Two positions are offered for the purchase and sale of gold bars:

  • 1 World = 1 ounce of 999.9 gold
  • 1 kg of bars comprising 999.9 gold

For current rates, please refer to the safe deposit box.