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MTS Money Transfer System is a modern, flexible and independent payment platform which can be used anytime, anywhere. Via our mobile payment-tool, you can transfer gold freely and independently. Learn how it works in the video and register here!

MTS Money Transfer System The innovative payment platform

MTS Money Transfer System is an innovative business model for a payment platform institute and offering transfer services purely on a licensing basis. Included here is the option to buy and sell World, a physical currency belonging to MTS Money Transfer System. One World is equivalent to one ounce of fine gold → gold with a fineness of 999.9!

The trademarks of MTS Money Transfer System and Edmund Falkenhahn 1 World 1 ounce 999.9 gold are registered internationally at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). You can find more information about the currency on the FAQ’s page.

The alternative to the banking system
An independent, secure currency

With the last decade characterized by a constant rise and fall of the markets, MTS Money Transfer System offers an independent and secure currency as a transparent alternative to the established banking system. Sustainable growth and value preservation are the priorities of this family business possessing many years of experience in the financial sector.

We therefore offer a payment platform which also allows transfer of small amounts of gold. This permits anyone to buy a piece of bread at any time and remain solvent even in times of crisis.

„In extremis gold is always accepted.”
– (Alan Greenspan – American economist)

Your benefits at a glance
Free, independent and flexible

Make use of transactions with our mobile payment-tool easy and safe from anywhere. With its simple and easy design you handle your transactions fast and uncomplicated via our portal, from any location.

  • Secure and online
  • Quick and simple processing
  • Mobile transactions on the go
  • Clearly organized
  • Available everywhere at all times

The advantages of the currency World are as follows:

  • Gold securely deposited
  • Conversion into and out of all standard currencies
  • Real-time transactions
  • Application of new technologies
  • Not lendable, not pledgeable and not enforceable

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