The alternative to the banking system
an independent currency of value

MTS Money Transfer System offers a modern, sustainable alternative to the banking system and cryptocurrencies. By purchasing the World currency, which is physically deposited in gold, you create a crisis-proof solution. This is non-pledgeable, non-executable and is not at risk in the event of insolvency. Learn more in the video, or register right here!

MTS Money Transfer System the innovative payment platform

MTS Money Transfer System offers transfers as a pure service. Each licensee can decide for himself how much money he wants to make available on the platform in his own physical currency World. As soon as an incoming payment has been booked in accordance with the value date, the gold position is clarified accordingly. The physical purchase is initiated and the amount is converted from the original currency into world according to the valid LBMA rate. One World is equivalent to one ounce of fine gold → gold with a fineness of 999.9!

The trademarks of MTS Money Transfer System and Edmund Falkenhahn 1 World 1 ounce 999.9 gold are registered internationally at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). You can find more information about the currency on the FAQ’s page.

Transactions and more
secure, simple and fast

Transactions are carried out in real time, there are no minimum or maximum amounts and transfers back to a third-party bank account are possible at any time. In the case of a re-transfer, the physical sale of the gold is verified and the transaction is subsequently executed. Our licensees thus act completely on their own responsibility and are not subject to any system-related restrictions. Due to the transparent structure, the system can be used by companies as well as private individuals, so the value and power of disposal is guaranteed at all times.

To make transactions to other licensees, you only have to enter the e-mail address of the recipient and state the amount in the respective currency. The amount is automatically converted into World and transferred. You can also transfer transactions to third parties – they will receive an email asking them to register and then accept gold money.

“Paper money, in the extreme, is not taken by anyone, whereas gold is always taken.”
– Alan Greenspan (US economist)

Your benefits at a glance
free, independent and flexible

Conduct your transaction business conveniently and securely on the move with our mobile payment option.

  • Licensee is owner at all times and participates in the gold price development
  • Own transactions can be transferred to licensees or third parties in real time
  • In the event of insolvency, the gold holdings of the licensees are not affected
  • Succession of gold holdings/legacy
  • Not lendable, not pledgeable and not enforceable

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