What is World or Money?
a brief explanation

World, Money (1 ounce = 1 World = 1000 Money) is a fully-fledged currency which is deposited physically in the form of gold and thus stands for recoverability. The payment platform is managed in Money. The option to purchase and sell “World” serves the value chain. Our licensees have a basic need for reliability, transparency, confidence and security. The minting of gold coins (ounces) in the form of “World” is meant to reflect these basic needs.

Licensees can thus manage their safe deposit box in “World” and receive tangible assets instead of negative interest rates. The basic unit of the “World” currency is based on 999.9 gold and also safeguarded by this raw material. The exchange rates are periodically obtained from the ECB (European Central Bank), the rate of gold at FOREX and LBMA (London Bullion Market).

What are the benefits for our licensees?
  • Straightforward navigation structure
  • Added value in the form of tangible assets
  • Participates in the trend of the gold price
  • Comprehensive service
  • Attractive price policy
  • Simple + secure portal
Which services does MTS Money Transfer System offer?
  • Transaction services
  • Gold price as a daily measure of the currency’s value
  • Real-time, autonomous transactions
  • Low transaction costs
What does Edmund Falkenhahn AG offer?
  • Financial strength
  • Solid company policy
  • Many years of experience in the financial sector
What guarantees are given?
  • Storage of gold in high security buildings in Liechtenstein
  • Auditing body checks the gold holdings at regular intervals
  • Discrete data storage in a data center in Liechtenstein
  • In the event of insolvency, the gold holdings of the licensee are not affected
What fees are charged?
  • Annual license fee of 25,- Money
  • Transaction fee of 5 ‰
  • Foreign exchange fee of 9 ‰
  • Annual storage fee of 3 ‰